Well irrespective of everything, you should always smile! That's what we are looking for - To  create a friendly agency, build unique brands & a happier world. If you are the one who is looking for a career to thrive with what your passionate about, Smile, you've found us! 

We are looking to build a team of like minded people. So, don't worry if you are new to this field! if you fit the description below then you'll learn quickly. 


Facebook & Instagram Media Buyer (Experience: 0-3 years)

A calculative person who knows no limits & is curious about everything would be the ideal candidate for this role. Good observation skills, ability to understand charts & analytics would make it even better.


If you see any of these traits in you, this might be the role you were looking for! 

Google/ Youtube Ads (Experience: 0-3 years) 

A patient, composed person, researcher, catching up with the trends with a good understanding of user behaviour on the internet would make you a great google ads manager.

Conversion Rate Optimization (Experience 0-3 years)

A curious person who is very keen on experimenting with things and analysis does well in this role.

Influencer Marketing Manager (Experience 0-3 years)

An extrovert and talkative person with understanding of good quality of content would ideally suit here.


Ads Creatives Designer (Experience 0-3 years)

Understanding the brand, their product & coming up with concepts of the creative to experiment and understand key insights. Knowledge of Adobe illustrator/motion graphics would be essential with an imaginative mind.

Graphic Designing (Experience 0-3 years)

Editing images for product listing on the website, creating A+ content for Amazon. If you could create ad creatives that would make you an apt person for the overall creative manager role.

Marketplace management

Amazon/Flipkart Media Buyer (Experience 0-3 years)

This would require a lot of research, creating daily, weekly and monthly reports, gathering insights from ads.

This is kinda similar to Google/Youtube Ads.  

Amazon/Flipkart Listing Manager (Experience 0-3 years)

Uploading and optimizing listings with their content both & images based on keywords & research. This is not a rocket science work but would require patience and delicacy and also being good with content writing.   

If you have any of these traits and are interested to be a part of success stories of some exciting brands, please send your CVs at hello@quirkyheads.in 

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